Supporting program for conferences and groups

Golf introductory course with golfpro Golfpro Georg Schultes

“Golf is a compromise between your inner self and what your experience tells you and what your nerves allow you to do.”
Do you agree? Golfpro Georg Schultes shows you the important steps for playing Golf.

Bubble Soccer

There is a German proverb that says, „the ball is round and a match takes 90 minutes “. Bubble Soccer is different! Fun and action are guaranteed with big plastic air bags. The only thing that counts is team spirit. There is no goalkeeper only the team with the biggest team effort and highest scoring goals wins the game.


• Location: Golfclub Erding-Grünbach
• Duration: 1 hour
• Season: March to October
• Participants: at least 5 people
• Price: 25.00 € per person
• Shuttle: will be organized on request


• Location: Soccer Park Walpertskirchen
• Duration: 1 hour
• Season: All season
• Participants: at least 6 people
• Price: 25.00 € per person
• Shuttle: will be organized on request

The Golfclub Erding-Grünbach in close distance to the Hotel (12Km) is convincing with its hilly golf course, old trees and an idyllic view of the beautiful Bavarian landscape. Beside the 18-hole court the golf club also offers very good opportunities to practice like a driving range, Putting green, and Chip green. Your instructor is not an unknown person, but the well-known Golfer Georg Schultes, after his graduate school Georg started his professional golf career with a handicap of +3, where he played to season on the Alps, Challenge and the Asian tour. In the introductory course the participants get golf clubs and balls and learn the basics of playing golf. You only need sport shoes, cloth and patience.

Bubble soccer is a very trendy sport. The players are wearing a special plastic air bag, which protects you from a crash but they are not resisted to fun.
The so called bubble ball protects your head, body and feet’s. Protection and equipment at the same time, because bumping is allowed and a part of the game.
One team consists of 4 people. You are going to play without a goalkeeper, because you don´t have to use your hands.

Fitness training & Yoga

True to the motto: After the lunch you should rest, or walk thousand steps. Activate your body between your workshop to support your ability to concentrate and relax the atmosphere.

Cookery course with our head chef Sven Glueckseelig

Cooking together connects and by the way you also learn personal tips and tricks form our head chef Sven Glueckseelig. And the best part of this course is of course the food.


• Location: Next to the Hotel
• Duration: 1 hour
• Season: All season
• Participants: at least 4 people
• Price: 20,00 € per person
• Shuttle: will be organized on request


• Location: Landhotel Hallnberg
• Duration: 3 hours
• Season: All season
• Participants: at least 4 people
• Price: 30,00 € per person
• Shuttle: will be organized on request

We are happy to consult you regarding your personalized Fitness & Yoga program.

Possible cookery courses:

• BBQ course – learn how to make the best meat on the grill
• Choose your 3 or 4 course meal: Whether simple or fancy, that’s up to you and our chef
• International cuisine or theme-lunch: typical Bavarian or Italian dolce vita? There are no limits to your creativity.